Essential Hunting Tools

Essential Hunting Tools
Man walking dog through wilderness going on a hunt.
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Hunting is a fun activity practiced by many around the world and is one of the oldest cultural practices of humankind. Even before we drew paintings on cave walls, we were hunting in the forests of Africa, looking for our next meal. However, with the rise in modern convenience, our need to hunt for survival has lessened, instead replaced as a recreational activity.

Many take up hunting as a hobby each year, whether to be self-sufficient, help balance out ecosystems or socialise –hunting has many avenues for why and how. However, since we are no longer raised on the how-to of hunting, many of us need some advice on how to get started, so today, we have created a list of some of the top essential hunting tools. 

A Sturdy Backpack

hunter going on a hike during the day with a large backpack and bedroll.

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The first thing on your hunting tool list should be a sturdy backpack that holds all the items we will discuss on this list and is waterproof and comfortable. In addition, if planning an extended hunting trip, you will need to hold bedding, shelter and other basics like food, water and a change of clothes. 

A Tent

A lit tent at night with hiking shoes set outside the entrance.
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For those long overnight stays out in the wilderness, you might want to invest in a tent; yes, the idea of sleeping outdoors with the blanket of the starry night sky above you sounds great, but if it rains, you’ll regret not having shelter! However, do not fear, as many one-person tents are designed to be packed lightly and are perfect for hiking. 

A Bedroll

hunters hiking with large bags and bed rolls with their dog
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Although you could do without this tool, we highly encourage you to consider your back's well-being. On hard ground, even if you have a tent and sleeping bag, you don’t want to be putting stress on your back if you have been walking and will be walking miles when you wake up. Therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself. 

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag on the top of the mountain looking out at a sunset.
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A sleeping bag is the number one sleeping tool that you need when hunting. Even if you go without a tent or bed roll, this will keep you warm and cozy on these long nights. However, remember that these aren’t waterproof, so you shouldn’t forget some shelter in case it rains. 

Warm Woollen Clothes

warm woollen socks with stags.
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It can get cold in the wild, so you should be prepared to dress for the chilly weather. A great way to medicate this is to wear woolly socks and other clothes, although if you are hiking, this might get sweaty, so having a mixture of both is a great way to ensure that you remain in for goldilocks zone of being neither too hot nor too cold. 

High-Quality Trekking Shoes

hiking shoes walking through a forest.
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Having sturdy walking shoes is a must to go toe and toe with your warm socks. In addition, you need to ensure that you don’t injure yourself in the rough, unmarked terrain of the wild, where you are more prone than before. To protect your feet, consider investing in carefully designed footwear that will last a long time.  A bonus is these are waterproof, so that you can say goodbye to soggy socks!

A Hunting Friend!

A dog looking up at its owner.
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Hunting is fun regardless of whether you are on your own or with others but going on a trek with someone is usually the most popular option if you want to spice it up. One of the oldest friends humans have is a faithful dog, so this could be the next move for the planned hunting trip. You might need to do some training, but a dog, when grown, is a great hunter to have on hand. 

High Energy Food and Snacks

jerky on a table.
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You need to keep fuelled when out in the field, so having food and snacks on you that are high in protein and carbs is essential. However, food quickly spoils, and you may only be unable to cook or store food for a short period. Therefore, looking for dried alternatives to meat and other popular choices is a great way to start. 

Food that is popular amongst hunters includes jerky, peanuts, cashews, raisins, dried fruit, chips, food bars, and chocolate. This list is incomplete and you should get some advice from fellow hunters if you are unsure about what to take. 

If you are hunting, you might even want to hunt and forage for your food; just ensure you bring a means to cook the meat before consumption!

Water Bottle

Metal water bottle sitting on a wooden pathway.
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You should always bring yourself a water bottle regardless of how short or long your hunt is, and a bonus is that it is held in a metal and durable container. Be prepared to seek out natural streams to refill it or bring extra if you are going somewhere where these suggestions aren’t an option. Keep hydrated!

Light Portable Cooker

Portable camping cooker.

If you are hunting with the immediate intention to consume whatever you kill, carrying a portable cooker could be the best way to take the hassle out of crafting a fire by hand. Most cookers are so lightweight that you won't even notice how much they add to your bag, and it will be a quick way to keep yourself full or going insane from dry cold meat. 


A lighter being lit in the dark with flames.
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A lighter is an essential hunting tool as it can be used in various ways to make your hunting trip that much easier. For example, you can make a fire to keep warm or light your camp at night, ignite a portable oven, fix the ends of frayed plastic ropes, and so much more!


Hiker wearing a head lamp looking around at a twilight arctic landscape.
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A headlamp is another essential hunting source of light that is a step up from the handheld torch or lantern. By having a torch on your head, you can use your hands for other things, from harrying your gun through to carrying a recent kill. The torch will also light up the area wherever you look, as so is always in direct line of sight. 


Medical kit open showing the content.
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Wherever you plan to go, a medical kit should be the first thing on your packing list before you go hunting. You never know when you might need some headache pills, a plaster, or something to stop a larger wound.  If you find yourself out in the wilderness, hurt and without a medical kit, you will regret not taking this advice, as it might save your life!

Map or GPS 

Image of GPS with a map photoshopped into the screen.
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You should have some kind of GPS, Map and/or tracking device on your person to find your way in the wild. Having a tracking device linked up to someone outside the hunting group is also helpful, as if you get lost, they will be able to track you down quicker. However, like with most technology, these devices are not perfect, so having a map and a plan of where you intend to go before you leave is essential. With this plan, your outside helper can also use this to find you if they are worried about your status. 

Legal Firearms With Licence

firearms with case.
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If you plan to hunt, you need to ensure that the gun you use is one you have the legal permit for and the skill and know-how for things that could also go wrong. For example, a popular weapon is a rifle with a scope, but if you look at something else, check that this gun is legal before buying it. Purchasing from a permitted dealer will allow you to avoid these legal worries.

Stag Knife One

stag one pocketknife made by stag knives

Via: Stag Knives.

One of the essential hunting tools one can have whilst hunting is a durable folding pocket knife. You can get no better on the pocket knife market than with the Stag Knife One, which has been an absolute favorite amongst hunters. 

This blade is made from D2 Stainless and is 100% manufactured in America for quality. The robust and sharp blade is paired with a sleek G10 Black handle for the holder's comfort and protection and the blade's longevity. In addition, these elements are all held together by Phosphor Bronze Caged Bearings and are freshly oiled before they are shipped to their customers. The blade is of the perfect length (3.25”) and width (0.95”), making it a great hunting blade for all the basic needs you need whilst hunting.

You can easily skin game, descale a fish, cut them into the proper sizing for cooking, and so much more! Furthermore, this blade does not dull quickly, so even if you are away from a grinder, it will hold its edge until you return home. 

Final Remarks: Essential Hunting Tools

Hunters sitting on a log as they enjoy each other's company.

Hunting is a fun pass time for many people, but if you don’t prepare for the journey beforehand, you may leave essential hunting tools behind. You don’t want to hurt yourself, get lost, or full out of love of hunting just because you forgot a simple item on this list. So keep these essential hunting tools in mind when writing your next checklist before venturing into the wild. 

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