Our History

Caleb Martin - Stag Knives CEO

Welcome to Stag Knives!

I'm Caleb Martin - the owner. 

My wife and I founded Stag Knives in 2018, while we were residing in western Colorado.

My father owned a few low-income apartments when I was growing up. During that time I learned everything from rough carpentry, to replacing bathtubs. Since then, I've been obsessed with working with my hands. 

I made my first knife out a copper pipe when I was 12 years old. I vividly remember trying to heat it up enough to meld the metal together (it never did). I hammered it for hours and hours, until it barely resembled a knife. 

Then it was onto the grinder. I ground the edges so it became two separate knives from the single tube. 

It was a disaster. Absolute garbage to be completely honest. 

There was nowhere to go but up from there. 

Since my rough beginnings, I've experimented with creating:

- Damascus Steel Knives

- Mokume Gane Rings

- File Knives

- Titanium Rings

- Tungsten Carbide rings

My wife and I founded our main company Thorum in 2012.

Stag Knives has always been a passion project for me. I love making knives. 

Caleb Martin CNC Lathe

After tinkering around on a manual lathe/mill for a few years, I bought my first CNC lathe in 2016. 

My shop slowly evolved to house 3 separate CNC machines, and a slew of woodworking/metalworking tools. 

We're under contract now to expand yet again! We're currently in the process of purchasing an old USPS building. 

After years of creating knives, I landed on a simple, modern design. 

This is the best knife I've ever owned (and that's coming from a  self-proclaimed knife addict).

As always, if you ever have any questions, we'd love to hear from you:


Best regards,