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The Fair Hunt Blog

  • Old Vintage Hunting Films: Advice on The Hunt

    If you’re looking for a cosy night in, you may want to sit down and watch some old vintage hunting films because seeing how people hunted in the 1940s and 50s is fascinating. We have decided to showcase a few films to entertain you so that you can experience hunting at the turn of the mid-century and reflect on how we hunt today. What do you think has changed the most?
  • Remarkable Archaeology: Hunting Knives

    Hunting is one of humanity’s longest cultural pursuits, and it's what we needed to survive before we found other ways of living through agriculture and other means. So with that, hunting knives has been around for just as long; originally made from stone, wood, shell and bone before the Iron Age, we find great hunting knives in the archaeological record worth celebrating. Then with the metallurgy inventions of bronze, iron and other strong metals, we saw the emergence of metal blades still being made today. So, we present to you remarkable archaeology: hunting knives. 
  • The Best Camouflage Techniques For Hunting

    One of the best ways to up your hunting game is by coming to the table with various ways to remain undetected when you’re out in pursuit of a game in the wilderness. Today we will present the best camouflage techniques for hunting.
  • Terrible Taxidermy

    Today we will celebrate the tradition of hunting and collecting trophies of your kills and perhaps show what not to do when stuffing your favourite animal! It might tell you to look the other way and find another taxidermist if their example stock looks like any on this list.
  • The Evolution of Hunting and Rangers in D&D

    The ranger might be one of the oldest classes in D&D that has been a part of every significant edition of the game. Yet, for some reason, most players will remain clear of the class. Today we will look at the history of this class, what it is and how it stands out from other classes and answer why it is often regarded as the worst D&D class and how we can change that.