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  • The Philosophy of Life and Survival From Bear Grylls

    Bear Grylls is a big name in modern reality entertainment; even if you don’t know what he does, you’ll likely have seen his face or heard his name. He is a leading survival expert, bringing his experience as a former SAS solider and knowledge of the wilds to a general audience in an entertaining and informative way in his series Man Vs. Wild

    Today we will be looking at the philosophy of Bear Grylls and what you can learn from his view on the world, the media he puts out, and how this can make you a better human being and hunter. These are useful as hunting is more than just being able to fire a gun!

  • The Top Guide to Going on a Hunting Holiday

    Going on a hunting holiday can be one of the most incredible experiences you have to give yourself, and it's a way to enrich your hobby and see different parts of the world whilst doing what you love. However, it isn’t just rich business people that go on hunting holidays; many families go with their kids, partners, or hunting club. A hunting holiday is open to all, but how do you exactly ‘go on a hunting holiday?’

    Today we present Stag’s Top Guide To Going On A Hunting Holiday!

  • Museums and the Early Trophy Hunters

    Trophy hunting has had a very rough time in the eyes of today’s modern media and society, but who could blame them when all they see is hunters killing endangered animals? When many don’t even realise that trophy hunting has been around longer than most think and has a long and tight history to conservation efforts.
  • How to Skin an Animal With A Hunting Knife

    There comes a time in any hunter’s life when they may need to skin an animal. But you most certainly don’t want to be unethical with your hunting. So, to not be without these skills, we have created this post to teach you the basics of skinning an animal out in the field or on your return home. 
  • The Best Hunting Weapons for 2023

    If you are considering taking up the hunting art for 2023, consider investing in some incredible hunting weapons to get started. Whether you already own a rifle and want to try something less conventional like a crossbow, bow or spear, we will provide you with the basics to find the best hunting weapon for 2023.
  • What is Ethical Hunting?

    Before you throw yourself into a new hobby of going on the hunt, you should know what it means to be an ethical hunter. Unlike what the media might say about hunting, the recreational activity is, for the most part, not out to destroy and kill the ecosystem of endangered animals or rial up landowners.