The Benefits of a Great Hunting Knife

The Benefits of a Great Hunting Knife

Review of the Stag One Knife

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A great hunting knife is just one of the many Essential Hunting Tools you will need before you head off on a hunt. But why should you invest in something beyond a cheap two-dollar knife? We will highlight some key benefits of why you need a great hunting knife to get on with life and not worry about bullshit. Stag Knives have you covered as usual with this handy guide, and we even have a snansy knife that ticks all these boxes!

With a Great Hunting Knife, You Get A Lifetime Guarantee

The Stag One Hunting Knife by Stag Knives

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Not all great hunting knife manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty and service, but it does help to know that such bonuses are on offer before you purchase a lifelong commitment to a blade. 

Stag Knives various warranting services outlined in our Warranty/Service section on our website. You will see that every one of our blades offers a lifetime guarantee, and we will cover any manufacturing issues. If you need a replacement, just send it back, and we will make you a new one free of charge. 

We also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee policy, so if you contact us within 14 days of purchase, we will gladly refund you for any products on their return within 30 days. The refunds will be minus the shipping costs, but if you are unhappy with the products we provide, you can send them back.

With a Great Hunting Knife, You Get A Blade That Cuts Through Anything (Almost)


A knife needs not just to look good but also to walk the walk as much as talk the talk. So before you commit to a hunting knife, look at the product's reviews to see just how sturdy it is for your intended purposes. If hunters are writing rave reviews on the blade, you will be on a winner, as we all know that hunters are the worst at times writing reviews about anything.

Stag Knives offers reviews from customers on their product pages showing all the rave things people are saying about our Stag One blade. Hunters swear by this blade, proving it can cut through anything the hunt throws at it. 

With a Great Hunting Knife, No Sore Wrist From Sawing

Hunting knife stag one held by a hand

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When cutting anything, you don’t want a blade to feel like a constant battle between the arm, wrist, tool and thing being sliced. This can usually be a problem with blunt blades or poorly designed handles, so ensure the knife has stellar performances on both. 

With a Great Hunting Knife Comfortable to Hold

Stag One hunting knife held by handle.

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The handle of a knife is just as important as a sharp blade, it allows you to feel and control the knife as you handle it. The last thing you want is a knife to feel flimsy because of a poorly designed or constructed handle, so pay close attention to these aspects when looking for the best one for hunting.

The Stag One is made of G10 Black steel, held together by Phospher Bronze Caged Bearings, at a length of 4.3", and attached to a blade of 3.25". It is designed to comfortably hold the blade and safely store it away with a quick finger flick. And with the bonus of a metal tag, it can easily be attached to trousers pockets. 

With a Great Hunting Knife, it is Easily Stored

Hunting knife stored in pocket

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You want a knife like the Stag One that is specially designed to make it not just one of the most durable and reliable hunting blades, but also easy to carry and not get lost when out in the field. It is beneficial if you have big pockets as the metal holder keeps it close at hand.

A Great Hunting Knife That is Alway Sharp.

Sharp hunting knife edge

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You want a modern blade that will stay sharp for a long time, with minimal retouching when required. Stag One uses D2 Stainless, a modern air-hardening metal of high carbon and high chromium tool steel. It is used by most blade makers today because it is such a great metal for holding a sharp edge whilst still being strong. 

With a Great Hunting Knife, It Looks Incredible  

The Stag One Knife in all of its glory

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It is one thing for a great hunting knife to do all the above effortlessly, but it should also look good. Stag One might not be the showiest blade, but its simplistic design and customer-first mentality to create one of the best hunting knives on the market help it stand out from the crowd. You can’t also deny the jet black with the stripe of orange draws the eye right in, and then you’ll have your fellow hunters complimenting you all the time!

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Final Remarks: The Benefits of a Great Hunting Knife

Stag One Knife Packaging, Box and bag, by Stag Knives

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From this list of why you should invest in a great hunting knife, you can see why many are willing to spend a little more than the cheapest knife to get a quality tool to help them in the lifelong hobby of hunting. We at Stag Knives want to help our customers make the right choice, which is why we have the Stag One, which offers a no-bullshit promise that you’ll love this knife, or we will give you your money back.  So perhaps it's time to give into the search and give our Stag One a spin?

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